Provisional Exhibitor List 2019

/Provisional Exhibitor List 2019
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Supported by:
Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam
Lam Dong Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Center
Vietnam Fruit & Vegetable Association
Dalat Flower Association

Provisional List of Exhibitors HortEx Vietnam 2019:

Biopac Post Harvest Handling
Greenyard Horticulture Belgium n.v. Substrates / Soil Covers
Phormium Climate Screens
RKW Hyplast NV Plastic Films
Lambert Peat Moss Inc. Peat Moss
Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd. Peat Moss
Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-Tech Corporation Greenhouses
Beijing Sangreen International Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Greenhouse Equipment
Changzhou Walter Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Greenhouse Equipment
Dümmen Orange Breeder of Flowers, Bulbs and Plants
Enlite Energy Horticultural (Led) Lighting
Fujian Sheng Yin Agricultural Co., Ltd Horticultural Technology
Kunming Sanxing Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. Greenhouses
Plantlogic LTD Hydroponics
Shanghai Yongor Industrial Co., Ltd. Agro Textiles

Tianjin Qianmo Weinong agricultural science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd

Horticultural Technologies/ Supplies

Trinog-XS Greenhouse Greenhouses
Zhejiang Changhong lighting sources Co., Agriculture Lighting
Pindstrup Mosebrug a/s Substrates
Florsani Cut Flowers
Rosas del Corazon Cut Flowers
Mikskaar AS Substrates, Peat Moss
Agripolyane Plastic Films
CMF Groupe Greenhouses
Richel Group Greenhouses
SAS Comptoir Paulinois Flower Seeds / Bulbs
Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH Substrates
Greenspan Agritech Pvt. Ltd Greenhouses
Argos (Agri Projects) LTD Israel Greenhouses
Azrom Greenhouses
Danziger Breeder of Flowers and Plants
Ginegar Plastic Product Ltd. Plastic Films / Nets
Haifa Group Fertilizers
Netafim Irrigation Equipment
Nuvisrael Seeds
R.P Growing Technologies Ltd Coco Coir
Arrigoni S.p.A. Nets and Fabrics
Cermac Export Consortium
Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Transplanting Machines
Forigo Roteritalia Machines for Soil Preparation
Idromeccanica Lucchini S.p.A. Greenhouses
Irritec S.p.A. Drip Irrigation
Mosa Green S.r.l. Horticultural Technology
OCMIS Irrigation
P.A.T.I. S.p.A. Plastic Films
Rovatti Pompe Pumps
Sab S.p.A. Irrigation
Soaplast S.r.l. Irrigation
Teco S.r.l. Packaging Machines / Tray Making Machines
Urbinati S.r.l. Nursery Technology
Hyponex Fertilizers
Compaqpeat Substrates, Peat
Excel Seeds Trading Sdn. Bhd. Seeds
Agrico Potato Breeding
BVB Substrates Substrates
Cyklop International Binding Machines
Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects Greenhouses
Enza Zaden Seeds
Gakon Horticultural Projects Greenhouses
Genap Geosynthetic solutions
Greefa Grading machines, Measuring systems
Holland Lounge Meeting point Dutch companies
HortiLand Fertilizers
Koppert Biological Systems Biological Crop Protection
Logistic Business Partners B.V. Logistic Services
NPI Waterstorage Plastic Film / Water Storage Tanks
PUM Netherlands senior experts Consultancy / Development
Royal Brinkman Horticultural Supplies
Rijk Zwaan Seeds
Sercom International Horticultural Supplies / Process Automation
TTA B.V. Equipment for Handling & Selection of plants
Alfarroxo Trading Pine Bark
DL Edvance Pte. Ltd. Consultancy
South Korea:
FM Agtech Fertilizers
Agragex Export Promotion
Armando Alvarez Group Plastic Films
Asthor Agricola S.A. Greenhouses
Novagric Greenhouses
Semillas Fitó Seeds
Gland Enterprise Horticultural Tools
Global Ecosys Co., Ltd. Fertilizers / Pesticides
Hsia Cheng Woven Textile Factory Co., Ltd. Anti Insects Nets
Infotrade Media Co. Ltd. Organiser Taiwan Pavilion / Media
Jin Jhan Greenhouse Project Co., Ltd. Greenhouses and Equipment
KEUI Plastic Nursery Holders /  Flower Pots
Land Green & Technology Co. Ltd. Fertilizers
Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association (TFEA) Floriculture Association
Yeou Cherng Plastics Ind., Co., Ltd. Plastic Accessories
Agri Solutions Asia Horticultural Supplies
ATC Supply Greenhouses / Irrigation
NASTDA Science and Technology Dev.
Speedy Access Co. Ltd. Total Growing Solution Provider
Thai Charoen Thong Karntor Plastic Films
Vis and Son Company Limited Plastic Films / Insect Nets
Aypek Packaging Ltd. Packaging
Barnel U.S.A. Horticultural Tools
Argos (Agri Projects) LTD Vietnam Greenhouses
An Sach Uong Sach Services Trading Corporation Vegetable Producer
Apollo Lam Dong Cut Flowers & Young Plants
Dalat Flower Association Association
BIO-PRO by Dalat Hasfarm Bio Products and Natural Enemies
Dannygreen Company Limited Fresh Produce Supplier (Cantaloupe)
Eco Footprint High Tech Agriculture / Orchids
Elcom – Egreen Greenhouses
FINOM Hydroponic Systems
Fresh Studio Consulting Company
My Kim Investment Company Limited Hydroponic Systems
Nha Be Agri Nurseries and Landscape Design
Nhà Nguyễn Fresh Produce Supplier
NON FATTO High Tech Fresh Produce Supplier (Cantaloupe)
Nong Nghiep Xanh Greenhouses / Fertilizer
Nông Sinh Khang Nguyen Fresh Produce Supplier (Melons)
VIFARM Greenhouses
VinaFruit Fruit & Vegetable Association
Watanabe Pipe Greenhouses


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