Flower Showcase

Enjoy beautiful flowers and update new floricultural technologies around the world


Flower showcase is an ideal event for companies to learn more about various flowers from other countries, as well as to exchange experiences and update gardening technologies from top Floricultural brands such as Rosen Tantau (Germany), KP Holland (The Netherlands), Anthura (The Netherlands), Holex Flower (The Netherlands) Lily Company (The Netherlands) Apollo Co., Ltd. (Vietnam), Himeji Flower (Japan – Vietnam), Dalat Hasfarm (Vietnam), Dalat Flower Association (Vietnam)…

Highlights of Flower Showcase is international floricultural elites brought to the visitors through these topics:

  • Successful strategy for Vietnamese gardeners
  • New harvesting technologies for Vietnamese gardeners
  • Floricultural field in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
  • Gardening products and their exporting potential

What you obtain at Flower Showcase:

  • Connect with top floricultural suppliers of the world
  • Develop business networks with potential partners
  • Be inspired to create business innovation
  • Get gardening advices from experts

Some companies joining in Flower Showcase in HortEx Vietnam 2023 are from Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Taiwan,…